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About Us

Our roots start in Growave where we built the leading e-commerce marketing platform that powers 6,500 Shopify brands from small to large.

We helped hundreds of Shopify merchants to optimize their website, develop custom apps, and turn their ideas into reality. Thanks to this, we have intensive development experience in Shopify of high scale with 150+ successful project deliveries.

Now we specialize in Shopify speed optimization and custom development work.

Our team is highly experienced with

Shopify optimization

We can optimize your store to improve the Lighthouse Score. But our priority is to make your store comfortable for your users.

Custom works

We will help you with all the technical processes, store design, and optimizations needed to run a successful eCommerce business.

Private Apps

We can build, design, and support a fully custom app specifically tailored to your store. Have an idea? Let's talk.

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