How apps can affect your site speed performance

By Azamat, 9 December 2020

At the beginning - is a shop based in the beautiful Canary Islands. This shop is an omnichannel multi-brand clothing store where they sell clothing brands from all over the world. Their combination of original brands and their selection of products form a collectible image, making Ecru a unique store. 

What we have done

After the analysis of the shop, our agency found that two apps affected the speed. Both apps provide similar functions, and unfortunately, these apps blocked each other. 

The first app added 2+ seconds for a full page load, and the second one was recently integrated. This problem could be solved only in two ways, either by deleting the script of one of the apps, or the shop owner must disable one of the apps. Alejandro disabled the functions of one of the apps at our request, thereby speeding up the download speed. After disabling, the other app began to function normally.

The Result

Our optimization helps Alejandro to achieve better results in terms of conversion. 

Also, fixed errors in the console brought out critical CSS, removed unnecessary js and CSS files that are not used anywhere, and corrected the theme.liquid structure.

These are the results after optimization: 


Increase site speed


Decrease web page size 


Decrease request count

Review from customer: They optimize my website and now charges 3 seconds faster. They also gave me advice on some app that I installed that was slowing my website down. I am thrilled with their work. 100% recommended. 

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