New Shopify Themes 2.0 and their Page Speed results

By Aibek M., 31 January 2022

In July 2021 Shopify launches a new version of themes. With enhanced focus on speed and easier customization for shop-owners. 

Also, with the new architecture comes a new way of integrating with 3rd party apps and their behavior at the storefront. 

One of the strongest points of these themes is that they're supported by Shopify and meet all performance standards. 




First, let's start with the free theme Dawn. Universal for all categories.

Which was launched first at the beginning of the 2.0 version. 

Dawn is Shopify’s first source-available reference theme with OS 2.0 flexibility and a focus on speed, and it's free. 

Which advantages you will have? 

  1. Upgraded theme architecture
  2. Flexible store content
  3. The new standard in customization and speed

Take a look at the Page Speed result, done with the PageSpeed tool of Google.




Download from Shopify Themes.




Next is Sense one of the new themes recently launched in the Shopify themes store, according to Shopify is best for Health and Beauty industry and small catalogs.

Which advantages you will have? 


  1. Quick Setup and customization
  2. Visual Storytelling
  3. Fresh and Bright Design


Now, let's take a look at the Page Speed Performance of the Sense Theme: 


Download from Shopify Themes




One of the newest themes, suitable best for the Food and Drink industry and for large catalogs. 

Which advantages you will have? 


  1. For the on-the-go buyer
  2. Mobile optimized layouts and checkout page
  3. Bright design 
  4. Best Speed performance among these new themes


Now, let's take a look at Page Speed Performance. Crave theme shows one of the best performances. 



Download from Shopify Themes



The last one is from the newest and free themes. Suitable for Home and Garden industries. For any catalog size. 

Which advantages you will have? 


  1. Authentic design
  2. Elevated storytelling
  3. Quick setup




Download from Shopify Themes




There is no secret that apps affect your store speed performance. Here are a few tips from our team to keep your store clean and fast: 


  1. Always clean remaining codes from deleted apps.
  2. Check on a duplicate theme before using the app.
  3. Before immediate delete, try to reach out to app support and maybe they can find a solution for your store.
  4. Fewer apps, lighter your store.
  5. Apps numbers keep around 10-15.



If there are still problems with Speed Performance, we can always help you and share our experience with you. 

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