How to use the Speedimize app?

By Aibek M., 29 March 2022

After our launch in September, we discovered that all the FAQ pages or even direct support can lead customers to leave our app or, worse, to negative reviews. We tried to create an easy-to-use app that everybody can use without knowledge of code. 

So now, we have decided to add all our experience and give full-scale instructions how-to-use Speedimize and get the maximum results from our app. 

So let's start with our main page: 



On this page, you can see the results of your shop and your Page Speed Performance. This is one of the impressive results of the shop with 15-20 apps, full of products and widgets. 


First, you need to choose which theme you need to optimize. Take a look here: 



Then you need to click on the Speedimize button and then "Re-analyze" to see new results with your new optimization. Once your optimization is done, you can see that the "Speedimize" button will appear with a green check. 


After a few days, you can see a chart of your speed performance and score pages: 



So Speedimize app does basic optimization of your store and you can extend your optimization with JS files. 



Please keep in mind that optimizing some scripts may cause errors on the site. We recommend checking the store after each JS file optimization.


All our screenshots were taken from a live store with more than 15 apps. 


Hope our instruction will be useful. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message here:

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