Stressed about the Online Store speed report?

What should you pay attention to so that the Google Lighthouse score doesn't annoy you?


Quick Rendering

Fast rendering creates the perception of speed.


Swift Interaction

The time to interact should be as low as possible.


Improve LCP & TBT*

Optimizing LCP & TBT will have the greatest impact to the score.


Media Resources

Image optimization. Postpone video downloading.

*TBT - Total Blocking Time, LCP - Largest Contentful Paint

Shopify has implemented Google Lighthouse in the Admin Panel. Your score is checked every day and is based on the average Lighthouse performance for your store's home page, product page, and collection with the most traffic in the last 7 days.

By improving the Lighthouse score you will get:

  • 01

    Search Engine Ranking

    A high rating will have a positive impact on SEO, the priority will always be to optimized sites.

  • 02


    A high rating ensures that your site is optimized and loads faster than your competitors.

  • 03


    You will be sure that your site is equally convenient for the mobile segment to use. Since, according to statistics, they surf most often on mobile devices.


Improve your Lighthouse score, but don't focus on that only. User comfort is more than just speed score.

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The Comfort package includes a full range of optimization services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Pagespeed score improve after optimization?

Pagespeed 90+ is unlikely to work, but we can try to bring it to the yellow zone, 50+. Our main task is to make your store fast and comfortable.

Will there be any downtime in the work of my store?

We are working on a duplicate of your theme and your online store will not experience any downtime. Moreover, on all stages everything will be tested.

Will optimizing affect the design of my store or apps?

There will be no drastic changes in your design. You won't see any changes in the layout of your store. About apps decision to keep or delete apps will be on your side, we will only give advice.

How long will it take to optimize my store?

Optimization will take from 1 to 3 days. Even if we spend more days, you will not have to pay too much. Because all the work will be done within the Comfort package. Custom comfort we will estimate.

Did your team have experience with Shopify stores?

Yes, our highly skilled developers have been working with Shopify for more than 7+ years.

Which pages will be optimized?

All changes will be global. But the focus will still be on the pages: Home, Collections and Product. Since these pages are used as a basis for evaluation.

Why is the Comfort package all-inclusive?

The fact is that we do not see the point of doing optimization separately. For example, add Lazy Loading, edit the size of images, or postpone the loading of third-party resources doing these actions separately will not improve enough your speed score. Only comprehensive optimization will help you achieve the desired result.

What about data privacy?

Our agency is operating with GDPR rules and your privacy is our priority.

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Shopify optimization

We can optimize your store to improve the Lighthouse Score. But our priority is to make your store comfortable for your users.

Custom works

We will help you with all the technical processes, store design, and optimizations needed to run a successful eCommerce business.

Private Apps

We can build, help with design and provide full support a custom application created for you. Do you have any ideas? Let's discuss

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